About Me

Dami Rodrigo B.Sc, RHN
Holistic Nutritionist
Master Tea Sommelier
Professional Tea Blender / Designer
I still remember visiting my grandfather's tea plantation in Welimada, Sri Lanka in the Uwa district as a little girl. The beautiful refreshing smell that came with the cold breeze blowing over the hills of the tea garden still lingers in my memory. I remember watching the ladies pluck tea leaves with scarves around their heads to protect from the warming sun and the baskets on their backs. My mother tied a pillowcase on my neck, and I went tea plucking with them. That's when I first learned the fine pluck- two leaves and a bud. I brought the few tea leaves proudly to the back verandah of my grandfather’s house where he stood near a post with a scale hanging at the top. One by one the tea- plucking ladies came with their baskets to be weighed and marked down on a notebook. They were paid according to the weight of the leaves, which is still done today.
My late grandfather, Arthor Peris Jayawardene was the first Sri Lankan to be the superintendent of a tea estate. Later he bought his own small tea estates and grew tea organically. The waste from his cattle farm was used to fertilize the tea plantation. Caring deeply for his workers he let them cut trees from his land to build houses.  Young pregnant women and mothers could have free cow's milk to enhance nutrition. 
When I source for black teas I always get teas that are close to the taste I remember from my child hood - the fresh, authentic Sri Lankan taste of my grandfather’s tea.
Influenced by my Sri Lankan heritage and by and my passion for nutrition and healthy living I have designed “spiced health teas”. I have carefully sourced and scientifically handcrafted each and every tea to my hearts' satisfaction. The ingredients used in each and every blend are loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols and other micronutrients with numerous health benefits. These spices and herbs have been used in ayurvedic medicine for over 5000 years to treat many ailments. The health benefits of these ingredients are back by many peer-reviewed, published scientific papers.
The tea blends have been perfected after many trials, to bring you the satisfaction of a great tasting, aromatic tea that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless they care for the health benefits or not. What you taste in the actual taste of the brewed herbs and spices. No flavoring is needed when you use exotic spices and herbs in abundance, because they are meant to do the job! You can enjoy a great tasting tea, health benefits are an added bonus. 
Ceylon Select is my dream come true, my passion and my way of introducing myself to the world. When growing up, a tea brewed from herb and spices found in the back garden was the first aid and the remedy for many ailments. While embracing the modern trend of drinking tea blends, I am still very traditional at the core. Making the teas all-natural and using ayurvedic herbs and spices from Sri Lanka says it all.
Many years and many milestones later, I believe its fate that got me involved in the tea industry.  I was fortunate to get my training and education on tea and tea blending from the industry specialist Sylvana Lavaque from International tea education institute. I am so thankful for everyone who had faith in me and helped to make it this far, specially my husband and my beautiful three daughters who always encourage me support me. 
Cheers to your health and happiness!