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Taste The Difference

Taste The Difference

Our blends are totally tropical with exotic flowers, spices and herbs. When you infuse a cup of our tea the aroma will fill up all your senses. They are loaded with natural tropical taste; no add flavors or sweeteners. It is are as real as it gets!

Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cardamom and many other spices in our blends were known for their flavors for thousands of years. Sri Lanka was involved in spice trade for thousands of years, and during colonial times, many wars were fought over monopolizing Sri Lankan spices.

Blue butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, rose and chamomile flowers in our teas unfurl their scents and tangy sweetness and beautiful colors into the cup lavishly to bring the diva in you out.

Gotu kola, moringa leaves, lemongrass and other time-tested herbs are not secrets to rest of the world anymore. We harness their healing properties and bring it you in our blends.

These ingredients are used in Ayurveda and folklore medicine for 5000+ years. Surprisingly, there is 80% correlation between scientific research on the active ingredients in them, and what they are used for in traditional medicine. We incorporate that knowledge when we blend our teas. Our tea designer, Dami refers to published, peer reviewed scientific papers on these ingredients and incorporate that information when formulating teas.

The antioxidant power of anthocyanin, polyphenols, terpenoids and other phytonutrients in our tea blends soothe your body internally, to relax you, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

All our ingredients are organically grown, supporting sustainable farming. And we go beyond ethical, sourcing from the growers ensuring a higher quality of life for them.

We bring you the best of nature, taste and aroma in a cup. Relax, enjoy and don’t forget to share!